Camp Netanya – Santorini of the South

1Travelling can make our lives colorful. It can enrich our views and appreciation about a place, culture, tradition, and people. But we don’t always have to travel far to find new and exciting places. Sometimes the most wonderful adventures could just be found a few hours from home.

I only learned of Camp Netanya from a friend who went there. He gave me their Facebook page, so I contacted them, and voila! We’re all set to that instagrammable place. Camp Netanya is located in Anilao, Batangas. This architectural beauty is situated on a sloping hill, facing a sapphire blue sea. It was perhaps a picturesque resort I’ve been to lately. One of the resort’s highlighted amenity is their infinity pool. It offers an unobstructed view of the big and beautiful sunset right smack in the middle of the ocean!

The place isn’t as crowded as most resorts in the area since they only have limited accommodations for now. This makes them suitable to those looking for a relaxing getaway. Nevertheless, Camp Netanya is gaining popularity in social media, and they’ve been fully booked even before the peak seasons!

Camp Netanya is not just a picture perfect but a haven in spite of the long drive that took us almost 3 hours from Makati City. As soon as we arrived, the resort’s friendly staff warmly greeted us and handed a glass of drink that refreshes us for a awhile. It is as beautiful as promised in the photos online though smaller than expected. Perfect for quiet getaways since there’s nothing much to do, but it feels very secluded that we felt like we rented a private resort, great for bonding and quality time with friends or for couples. Excellent service by staff.


Please note the following below:

1. They don’t accept walk-ins. Ensure to book a reservation first before you go to the place.

2. Day Tour package is worth 1,700 pesos each individual, which includes kayaking, snorkeling and lunch. 8AM – 5PM only. There’s also security deposit of 2,000.

3. Their current rate for overnight accommodation, based on some sources, is worth P9,000.

How To Go To Camp Netanya

– Ride a Batangas-bound bus (Buendia or Cubao terminal)

– Get off at the Batangas City Grand Terminal

– Ride a jeepney going to Mabini, Anilao Batangas

– Ask the jeepney driver to drop you off at Crossing where you will be able to ride a tricycle which will take you to Camp Netanya.

Please contact Camp Netanya to make a reservation.

Mobile: +63 939 7535 074 / +63 927 8954 092



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