Cintai Corito’s – Bali in the Philippines.


A Bali inspired place where you can relax and have a wonderful time to spend together friends or just even by yourself. All of the buildings were beautifully crafted with colorful design. The color motifs were not your usual white and gray and black. But the colors were not jarring. In fact the overall feel of the place was very relaxing.

Total relaxation, entire place was so peaceful and a place full of love awaits you. The stunning garden, pathways & villas from structures to decors and walls. Very nice way to have a break with technology for a while and simply admire the beauty of nature.

Cintai offers the traveler a respite from the noise around us. Whether you go for lunch in a day trip or stay overnight, this resort provides a simple yet relaxing ambience. Balinese-themed, the rooms are tastefully done. Food is great and staff are professional. With no wifi its a good place to disconnect and reconnect with those who matter.

How to get there:

From Buendia, take a bus to Lipa. You can ask the driver to drop you off in SM city Lipa. Travel time is approximately 2 hours. You may take a jeepney across SM City Lipa or take a tricycle to Malabanan Jeepney Terminal and drop off at Cintai Corito’ Garden.

Contact information:

Address: Sitio Pandayan, Malabanan Balete, Batangas.
Mobile: +63917.833.1508
Room Reservations: +63917.833.1508

The place:





If your idea of a vacation is to simply lounge around your room or by the pool, and not want to be distracted by television or the Internet, then Citai by Corito’s Garden is a perfect place for you.

Others would welcome the break from technology, but I suppose options should be made available to those who would opt to watch television or surf the Internet while there. Then again, not having those around forces one to have real conversations with your companions. And that is not necessarily a bad thing.


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