Mt. Hapunang Banoi – 517 Meters Above Sea Level.



Mt.Hapunang Banoi, located in Rodriguez, Rizal.

I’m just an ordinary hiker and I’ll just go if I have a spare time or if someone invites me in. In every mountains I climbed, I had learned so much things. Both nature and life lessons. I learned to appreciate the beauty and importance of nature, I learned how to communicate and be friend in people with different personalities.

Like climbing mountain, you may need efforts and energy to get to the summit, but the view from the top is enough reward to make the hardship from the trail worthwhile.

My office mates invited me to do a day hike. We started at 8 AM and reach the summit at around 10:30 AM.



In my opinion, I don’t recommend Banoi for beginners though it’s so beautiful when you reach the summit. Beginners must be physically fit to hike Banoi. Maybe they should try first the mountain trails like the one in Batangas called Mt. Gulugod Baboy. It’s much safer compared to Banoi with rock ridge of sharp limestones. Banoi is also more difficult in terms of height, length and altitude, a steep mountain compared to Mt. Pamintinan and Mt. Binacayan.


How to get there:

From Cubao, take a FX going to Moltalban Eastwood. Drop off is Eastwood take a tricycle or jeep going to Wawa Dam. Register at Brgy. Hall and secure a guide.

Guide / Contact number:

You can contact Nok at 09993652005.

Tips for beginners:

1. Wear gloves, caps, sunglasses and anything that can protect you from the sun.
2. Always bring your bottled water!
3. Wear comfortable clothes.
4. Make sure that your shoes is a hiking shoes to protect you from the rocky formations and sharp limestones.
5. Use sunscreen for those who are too sensitive for their skins. It can also protect you from the sun.
6. Bring first aid like betadine, band aid, biogesic and other.


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