Mt. Binacayan – 424 meters above sea level.



Climbing this mountain requires a short interval of time that most often for season climbers, it can be done for three summits in a day including the Mount Pamitinan and Mount Hapunang Banoi.

Scaling Mount Binacayan is more technical due to its sharp rocky terrain. It is not forested and so climbers have to expect that the terrain is open and there are no shades to cover with. The final leg is through a ridgeline with thick foliage, requiring long steps and reaches from one limestone formation to another.

As for its rocky terrain, one has to closely watch his footwork to avoid accident. Any false step may lead to skin cut or of being out of balance may lead to leg or arm fracture.





How to get there:

From Cubao, take a FX going to Moltalban Eastwood. Drop off is Eastwood take a tricycle or jeep going to Wawa Dam. Register at Brgy. Hall and secure a guide.
Guide / Contact number:

You can contact Nok at 09993652005.


1. Start early so that you finish early. If you start early, the higher chance for you to reach the summit before sunrise and witness the majestic “river of clouds”.

2. Remember the basic. LEAVE NO TRACE.

3. Be friendly especially to the locals and people you meet along the way.

5. Stop taking too much selfie on the summit. If there are LOTS of people waiting for their turn.

6. It is advisable to wear a worker’s gloves as the limestone are really sharp.

7. Climb on weekdays, as it gets crowded on weekends.


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