Baler – The Surfing Capital of the Philippines.


After an almost six hour-long bumpy bus ride, we’ve finally reached Baler! Baler is a second-class municipality in the province of Aurora, Philippines. It is the provincial capital of Aurora.
How to get there:

Going to Baler can be accessed via bus ride. Genesis Transport in Cubao offers a direct bus route to Baler using their regular airconditioned buses and the travel time takes about 5- -6 hours. You can check their schedule at

Locations from within the central town of Baler can be accessed via tricyle. Just so you know, you can rent for a tricycle for one whole day worth Php 800 to send you off to various tourist spots within Baler and nearby town including those spots in Maria Aurora and San Luis.

Where to Stay:

Carlito’s inn – The hotel provided for the basics. Just a perfect place to stay if on limited budget. You can reach them at 09088720816.

Must visit places / what to do:


1. Sabang Beach – If you’re learning to surf, the waves are friendly. Just the right depth especially for those who can’t swim like me. But be ready to be hit by someone else’s board because there’s just surfer everywhere. It’s not a bad spot, neither it is a good one. But if youre here for the surfing, you just wouldn’t mind. You are just gonna enjoy it anyway.


2. Diguisit Rock Formations – Visited this on our first day in Baler, at least big rock formations for you to enjoy. Place is not ideal for swimming but at least refresher for your tired feet. These rock formations are visible along the road, for closer look and for instagram worthy pic!




3. Ermita Hill – From here, you will see a nice view of Sabang Beach and the Pacific Ocean. History says that the old Baler was wiped out by a tsunami leaving only 4 families who saved themselves by quickly running up to safety to Ermita Hill. Two of those families who were saved were the Ferreras and Angara families which now have streets named after them in Baler.


4. Ditumabo Falls – A 30+ minute trek to the falls just adds to the enjoyment and appreciation of the main falls after you reach it. The water’s cold and if there are only a few people there, you must be fine staying there for at least an hour and enjoy nature.


5. Baler Catholic Church – You will love the rustic environment and it was so peaceful inside.


6. Quezon’s Resthouse – Apart from having a touch of history, it was cool to see the house interiors, as well as his sleek, black, presidential car.


7. Aniao Islets – Nice place for photo shoot just be careful with the stones because it is sharp.


8. Museum de Baler – To discover a little about Baler’s history, drop by this place though it seemed more like a showroom, but at least they made an effort to highlight the place’s history specially with regards to religion, its humble beginnings and the artists’ products in the area.

Our glamping experience in Baler was worth the price and (a bit long) trip going north. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy the wonders of nature if you’re used to the city life. The experience here did not disappoint us.



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