Amazing Romblon – The Marble Capital Of The Philippines.

Romblon is one of my favorite travel destination. There’s a laid-back vibe where you can enjoy your time alone. People here are friendly and the accommodations are affordable. Sadly, Romblon is the often-overlooked province only known to most Filipinos as the source of Philippine marble.

Romblon, Philippines has three major islands:
1.) Romblon Island, Romblon is one of the three major islands of the Romblon Province in the Philippines; the other two are Sibuyan Island and Tablas Island. It is the site of the provincial capital, also named Romblon. The island is famous for its marble.

2.) Tablas Island, Tablas is the largest island of Romblon Province, Philippines. Odiongan is the island’s major port and largest population center.

3.) Sibuyan Island. Sibuyan is a crescent-shaped island of Romblon Province, Philippines. The home of the famous prominent peak, Mount Guiting-Guiting.

How to get there:

In Manila you can take a bus (Jac Liner) at Buendia Bus Terminal to get to Batangas Pier. Upon arrival in Batangas Pier, you can go to RORO ticketing office to buy tickets.

There are 2 major RORO boats that travels to Romblon, Romblon and Odiongan, Romblon. The first one is the Montenegro Shipping Lines with a route of Batangas-Odiongan-Romblon and the other one is the 2GO travel with a route of Batangas-Romblon-Roxas City.

You can check 2Go wesbite for the schedules at

You can also check Montenegro Shiiping Lines at

You can wait in the Batangas pier terminal building until boarding starts. Make sure you arrive 2 hours prior to departure of the ferry.


Where to stay:

Aglicay Beach resort – You can check the rates at or contact them at 09175314067 and 09154256898.

Harbour Chateau Resort – You can reach them at 09089406771.

Binucot Sunset Cove Resort – You can reach them at 09297875486.

Must visit places:


1. Looc Fish Sanctuary

You will have an experience swimming and feeding the fishes in their natural habitat. The water is a lovely aquamarine and it was great to see local people involved in this enterprise.


2. Binucot Beach resort

The resort is fantastic – just steps away from the beach. It has lots of trees/greeneries adding to that off the beaten track vibe but with the luxury of having the basic amenities. Great service from start to finish – friendly staff and generous owners. Food is delicious and good value for money too. Plus, I love the sandbar! 🙂


3. Aglicay Beach

The scenary is amazing. It’s a beautiful white sand beach that cuts sickle-style into the south eastern corner of tablas island. There’s a walking trail leading up into the ridge that makes for pretty breath-taking panoramic views (partic during sunset).


Paksi cove

4.1. Paksi Cove – an island about 45 minutes away from the shore, a quiet place where you can spend privacy since it can accommodate limited number of guests, and you can enjoy the nature (the mountainous rock formation and beach), and on the way back to the port you can do island hopping and drop by in “tinagong dagat’ and “lapus-lapus cove” down part is, there’s a limited accommodation.

tinaging dagat

4.2. Tinagong dagat – Tinagong Dagat, which translates to “Hidden Sea”, is a salt lake (actually there’s two!). The lakes are actually connected to the sea via underground channels.

Lapus lapus

4.3. Lapus-Lapus cove – The best thing about Lapus-Lapus beach is that you don’t really need the coves to give you privacy. Unless it’s a holiday, chances are you’d have the whole beach all to yourself. Imagine being in an island alone – you can do anything you want! Go topless, swim naked or maybe just shout to your heart’s content – you can do it all! HAHAHA!

Now, what makes Lapus-Lapus Beach different? As I said, Lapus-Lapus Beach is a hidden paradise, and I mean that literally.

How to Get in CALATRAVA:

To get to Calatrava, take a jeepney in Odiongan Terminal and ask the driver to drop you off in Calatrava public market. Jeepneys typically make the trip every hour between 6 AM to 3 PM only. From Calatrava public market, you can buy foods that you’ will bring to Paksi cove. The port going to the island is near the market.


From Calatrava, we hired a tricycle that will bring us to San Agustin Port (PHP500). From San Agustin Port, buy a ticket going to Romblon. Please note, there are only 2 schedules of pumpboats from San Agustin Port that will go to Romblon Island. It is 8AM and 1PM daily. Fare is PHP120.
Where to stay:

Parc Bay Mansion – You can reach them at 09215757760.

Must visit places:





1. Explore the town proper, marble factory and the provincial capitol – You can feel the homey vibe!





2. Tiamban Beach – This is a fantastic white sand beach that offers crystal clear blue water–especially at high tide!



3. Talipasak Beach – The native-themed, family-friendly resort has cottages, hammocks, a sprawling garden area, and a restaurant.


Bonbon 2

4. Bon-Bon Beach – one of the most beautiful sandbar I’ve seen. Bring lots of water. The walk to the sandbar can get tiring especially on summer days! Entrance to the area is free! Isn’t that amazing?



5. Fort San Andres – Just a few minutes walk from the Romblon Town Proper. It is a part of the province’s heritage.



6. St. Joseph Cathedral – The oldest catholic church in the Province of Romblon.

pasalubong center2


7. Pasalubong Center – You can buy keychains made from marble! 🙂

SIBUYAN ISLAND, ROMBLON – The Galapagos of Asia.




A visit to Cresta De Gallo.

Definitely worth the time and effort while in Romblon. You can make Sibuyan island your jump off point to get to Isla Cresta (this is what the locals call the place). It’s really worth seeing and experiencing! The place is far from the stress in the city and not fully discovered by the world. You can go walk and explore the little island. For me, the sand are more beautiful than boracay.

You can rent a boat to take you to Cresta De Gallo. Travel time will depend on which town you are coming from, and on wave conditions. Food and water is only available in Sibuyan Island so make sure you bring your own food. The place is difficult to reach, but this piece of paradise is well worth the trouble.

From Romblon, hop on another boat to the island of Sibuyan, Romblon’s second largest island next to Tablas.

There are no arguments about the beauty Romblon has to offer. The place is blessed with beautiful islands, clear water and the perfect weather to go with it.


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