Alibijaban Island – Summer in January.


Alibijaban Island is one of those few places in the Philippines that are unknown to many. Located in the southern most part of Quezon province, land travel would be 8-10 hours, and then a 30 min boat ride.

Aside from the white sand, mangrove forests and crystal clear waters that made this place famous, one of the treasures of this island is its people. They are so friendly and very kind. This island has no resort or any other accommodations. the beach is ideal for campers. there is a public toilet near the shore.

if you’re into swimming you have to wait for the high tide (11 am onwards); there are a lot of sea urchins during low tide. but the beach itself is amazing. if you’re the type who loves less crowded place this is perfect.

This is a great place to be if you want a quiet and relaxing weekend getaway. The waters are also calm, perfect for swimming without worrying about big waves crashing onto you. There are also about 2-3 sandbars, if I remember correctly. Photo enthusiasts would have a field day here, the place is great for photo ops.

Cheers to this lovely island!



Travelling to Alibijaban maybe long and grueling, but once, you’re there, the place will simply take your breath away. Every inch of you being tired will just go away the moment you set your foot on the sand.


“Like all great travelers, I have seen more than I remember and remember more than I have see.” – Benjamin Disraeli


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