BILIRAN – The undiscovered paradise.

When I think of the Visayas region, my mind leads me to the famous tourist places like Cebu, Bohol, Iloilo, and Boracay. Once a month, I make sure that I travel to different places because I need some quiet time to “recharge my batteries.”

My first plan was actually go to Antique and try the Kawa-Kawa. I was talking to my office mate, Ryan and I told him that I will go to Antique to take a 4-day vacation. He told me that why not try going to Biliran, which is his hometown. Honestly, I never heard where the province of Biliran located is. I only know Cebu, Davao, Bacolod etc.

At first, I was so hesitant to go to Biliran. I asked Ryan what activities I can do or what places to visit there. As it turns out, his wife is staying in Biliran and working as an elementary teacher. He also told me that he will contact his wife to inform her that I will be going there. After a few days, Ryan told me that his wife already have an itinerary for my 3-day trip.

I booked a flight going to Biliran last February 12, 2016. The province can be reached via Tacloban City with domestic flights from Manila going there. From the airport, take a cab and alight at the van terminal bound for Naval located in the corner of P Burgos and Salazar Streets (van fare is around P160). Travel time is around 2 to 2.5 hours. You can also do a side trip in Tacloban city (like what I did).

The moment I alighted from the van, I knew that I would be experiencing that very rare small-town feel in this far-away land. True enough, Biliran took my breathe away. Even in the provincial capitol, Naval, the town seemed sleepy in a positive way, even during the middle of the day. I absolutely loved the homey vibe.


I contacted my tour guide (Kuya Loloy) that Ryan’s wife gave me. I told him that I was staying in El Roman Pension house in Naval. I also informed him that he can fetch me the next day (February 13,2016) to start my Biliran tour.

The next day, not wasting the morning, we visited Agta Beach in Almeria and spent some time frolicking in the waters. It was low-tide and the skies cleared for us to have a glimpse of the not-so far islands ashore.

I did not stay long in Agta beach. Kuya Loloy said that I will enjoy more the waterfalls in their place.

Let’s take a look at the beautiful and mesmerizing places in Biliran.

1. Tinago Falls.

Once you get there, you will surely FALL in love with the FALLS. The waters will tranquilize and soothe your stressed body.


2. Recoletos Falls.
It’s a bumpy ride up the hill but all worth it upon arriving at the end point of habal-habal ride. It takes another 40 minutes of hiking. Well, that actually depends on how fast you can walk. The falls was on the right side of a basin like pool. I also asked about how deep is the basin, well, they have no idea but it looked so deep. Below the basin is a cascading water going down to the next fall, which is the Ulan-ulan Falls.

3. Ulan-Ulan falls.

Trekking your way to this falls could be tough and tiring coz its way up on the mountain, but the view is breath taking. Better be careful on your way down coz the rocks and trees are very mossy and slippery.

4. Tomalistis Falls. (The sweetest water in the world according to the Guinness Book of World record)
Tomalistis is not a very obvious place. There is no signage on the circumferential road. You have to scramble up some large rocks and large roots to get up to the base of the falls. Then you can sit at the base of the falls and look out over the Sea of Samar.

5. Kasabangan falls.

The falls is 20 meters high hidden in dense undergrowth.


6. Higatangan Sandbar (The famous shifting sandbar).

A visit to this island is highly recommended. It’s a real white sand beach. They said that depending on the wind direction and water current, the island’s breathtaking sandbar would extend.

7. Sambawan Island.

Amazing view and crystal clear water. Good for camping to watch the sunset and sunrise on top of the island.

8. Mainit Hot Spring.

You can take a dip at the Mainit Hot Springs in Caibiran, Biliran. You can dip yourself in a warm and soothing water to relax sore muscles but it’s very neglected and needs to be made safer and easier to enjoy fully.

9. Iyusan Rice Terraces.

Iyusan Rice Terraces is truly a showcase of the creativity and resourcefulness of farmers and agriculturists.

IMG_3808Kuya Loy, my tour guide. 🙂
I really love Biliran. Life there was so peaceful. Life there was slow.

Local tour guide (Kuya Loloy) -09065004881 / Where to stay – El Roman Pension house (Ate Alona) -09755488147

“Once a year, go some place you’ve never been before.”


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