Capones Island and Anawangin Cove – a must visit in Zambales.

Summer 2013.

Summer came. My friends and I decided to go to Zambales. Fortunately, one friend was from San Narciso, Zambales. She suggested that we can camp in Anawangin and do island hopping.

We took Victory Liner Bus going to Sta. Cruz Zambales. Fare is approxiamately Php 200++ / head. (You need to tell the ticket teller that you are getting off at San Antonio public market only. There you can buy your food supplies). We took a tricycle from the market to Brgy.Pundaquit River crossing. Php 30 / head and we rented a boat for Php 1,500 vice versa.

When we reached Anawangin, I am truly amazed by the forest cove surrounded by nature’s God’s perfect creation preserve from trees, river, mountains and beach, no power and signal, enjoying the shadows of the sunshine in the morning and the moon with the stars as ur light at night. Great place while living with less comfort at all.

Happy memories..






We do an overnight camp and the next day, we do island hopping going to Capones island. This island is normally chosen for side trips after an overnight to Anawangin.

As the boat neared the shore we were informed that we have to swim to the rocky shore! Seeing the big sharp rocks and the increasingly large waves, I doubted if I can swim to the shore, but I did, with my friends’ help.

After struggling to get a foothold among the razor-sharp rocks on the shore, one must now climb up a small cliff and from there, mercifully, was a flight of concrete steps. Along the way was an old brick drain (?), apparently of Spanish vintage. Looming beyond the trees on the hill was the old Spanish light house.

On top of the steps one can get a breathtaking view of the surrounding seas – worth a picture or two!

After that is a pathway through dense forest, and then one can see the gate of the old lighthouse complex. The wrought iron grilles and the brick construction are quite romantic to behold. The complex’s roof rotted away a long time ago, but the walls are intact. We were led to the lighthouse itself, up an old iron spiral staircase that wobbled as we ascended it – freaky! At the top were more stairs – I was told that the lighthouse was increased in height during the American era, hence the extra stairs, and then finally made it to the topmost platform.
Afterwards we left the island – by swimming against even bigger waves – then we boarded the boat which took us to a small stretch of beach with a dangerously steep slope. But we enjoyed swimming with our life vests on and played on the fine sand.

Let the fun begin!





We are here on a perfect time. It’s a perfect place to chill as it was quite near to Manila. We came here from Pundaquit where we hire a boatman to bring us to this island which you actually get cheaper if you go with a group. Fine sands, discreet area. No phone signal so you can actually forget your modern life for a while. You have to have a tent to stay over night here.

A must see island in Zambales.




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