Jomalig Island – The Golden Beach.

If you are looking forward to golden sand and turquoise water, you need to visit Jomalig Island in Quezon Province. With the welcoming and friendly people, you’ve got no excuses to not visit this charming island.

It’s not a developed place, which is why there are no hotels, but that’s part of its beauty. You can rent rooms at Tejada’s Place in Sitio Landing, or you can opt to camp by the beach. Jomalig Island’s most breathtaking beach is Salibungot, so don’t miss out on visiting this one.

The beach of Jomalig is stunning and have a hint of gold. Two beaches are noted as popular destinations, Kanaway and Salibungot. The pinkness on these beaches is due to a stunning corals that hug the sea floors around Jomalig and are special to this island. This hidden little treasure of an island is fun for all and unique in ways that are untold to the world.

Many photographs have been taken on Kanaway beach as the sands are naturally sculpted in ripples which make for a beautiful photo opportunity for anyone.








The island of Jomalig is not for everyone as most will have to sleep in tents along the shorelines as there are few places to stay. Those that come to the island should find a local guide to take them to the stunning waters of Bigwangan Lake, Kanaway islets. Electric is only available from 5pm to 1am.

4bfb0c47-7cde-4309-99ca-67a364920af3Kanaway Islet

Fine your way to Jomalig Island and venture throughout the entire archipelago to see the beauty of a land that is barely touched. This experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity for anyone vacationing in the Philippine Islands.


How to get there:

From Manila ride a bus at Legarda (under the flyover of Nagtahan Bridge) named RAYMOND bus. They have daily trips to Real Quezon. From the bus stop, ride a tricycle going to Real port. Then ride a fisherman’s boat to Jomalig Island.

Contact number: Tejada – 0939-902-7532


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