Mt. Talamitam – 630 Meters Above Sea Level.

My mother mountain.

Mt. Talamitam is not as popular as other Batangas mountains but it deserves to be a must-hike destination. The trails are surprisingly well-kept and the crowds aren’t too bad. It’s also a relatively easy hike for beginners and experienced hikers alike.

To tell you frankly, I’m not fond of mountains. I prefer beach bumming rather than hiking. I got a text message from an old friend and asked me if I want to join their day hike in Mt.Talamitam. At first, I declined because I know from the start that “I’m a “not too fast” kind of hiker. She said that I should give it a try and I’ll enjoy it for sure.

After a week, I joined the hike and here it goes..

We arrived in Nasugbu at around 6 in the morning. We immediately faced making arrangement with our guide. Because we were climbing in a small group, we decided to have 1 guide. The trail to Talamitam is easy, taking just 2 to 2.5 hours to complete the trek up to the summit. However, let me tell you that it can be a very exhausting hike if the sun is up, because there is little tree cover. This  is a bald mountain, treeless, nothing but grass, hence the reputation of a really hot mountain. So right from the start, I tried to condition my mind that we’re about to do a dehydrating climb.

Then I get started at a slow, reasonable hiking pace and ramp up from there to the optimal speed. The wow part of Mt. Talamitam came as soon as we exited the hot woodland area. The grazing fields, which reminded me so much of the teletubbyland (from the kiddie show Teletubbies).



After the hike, I realized the joy and fulfillment when you reached the summit. I really enjoy the breathtaking view. Who would complain about the exhausting hike if what I had that time was a priceless gift. The view from this mountain’s peak was absolutely picturesque.

How to get there:

There are lots of buses at, Pasay, Edsa-Taft going to Nasugbu. It takes 3 hours to get to Nasugbu. Tell the driver to drop you off at sitio Bayabasan. Once you reached Sito Bayabasan, you need logged in your names in at the monitoring station. Getting a trail guide is not mandatory, but since it was only our first time here, we decided to have one. Getting lost was the least of our priorities.

Contact / Guide:

You can contact Kuya Toper at 09481261830 or Kuya Simeon at 09300495758.

Climb mountains, hike forward and push yourself.





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  1. Francisco Ico Jr says:

    4th photo ➡ 😀


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